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Homelessness Minister: Give hope to those on the streets this winter

Sign your name: A Christmas card asking Kelly Tolhurst to give hope to anyone facing the streets

Everyone must have somewhere safe to stay this Christmas.  

Our aim is for 10,000 messages of hope - add yours below


6,671 people have left a message of hope for the Homelessness Minister. Will you help us reach 3,329 more?

Keep the £20 uplift to Universal Credit: Ask your MP to back the campaign - NOW CLOSED

Call on the government to keep doing the right thing and make the lifeline permanent

In a matter of weeks, the government will make a decision that could impact the lives of millions of people across the country – we need your support to keep the lifeline.

1,288 people have already emailed their MP


Take action now and help us send 5,000 emails

PETITION: Prime Minister - Invest in social housing - CLOSED

Let's build social homes: are you in? 

A home is the stable foundation we all need, but a lack of social housing is denying millions this security.

There are over 1 million households on the social housing waiting list.

Every extra signature brings us closer to building the social homes that England needs. Your voice counts - sign today


31,689 of 50,000 people have signed the petition so far

Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing

Social housing is at risk. In the last year we lost 17,000 more homes than were built. At this rate social homes could become extinct.  

Let’s build a better future.

The pandemic has made it impossible to ignore the importance of a stable home. But the housing emergency is denying too many people this vital foundation.  

100,171 campaigners have already joined the fight for more social homes


Join them and help us reach our target of 110,000 people in support of a better future


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