Call on your MP: Let's build our way out

Only half of private renters feel safe in their homes. We need a New Homes Rescue Fund.

We need a New Homes Rescue Fund to build housing and stimulate the economy.

Our housing emergency is intensifying as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic puts unprecedented pressure on those in bad housing. 
It has already sent tens of thousands of homeless families into lockdown in temporary accommodation. With a predicted increase in evictions and homelessness, we must build the long term solution to the housing crisis.

The solution is simple: Building homes for people to rent at prices which are linked to local incomes – social housing. 

However, there is currently only enough funding to provide one social home for every 96 households on the waiting list.
The rescue package: We're proposing a targeted rescue package which would consist of the money in the government's Affordable Homes Programme. But the spending would be accelerated - with £12.2 billion spent over the next two years. This would fund a total of 50,000 new social homes, out of a total of 145,000 new affordable homes.

These 50,000 new social homes would be almost four times the number of social homes currently delivered each year. Please email your MP today and ask them to support our call for more social homes.