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Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing

Let's boost our recovery by building social homes

During this pandemic our homes have become a focal point in our lives like never before  for work, for education, for our health. But, for too many their homes have not been a safe haven. They’ve been stuck in insecure, poor quality flats for months.  

Help us reach 100,000 signatures in support of a better future


99,026 of 100,000 have signed the petition. Will you help us get 974 more?

Sign my letter to the Homelessness Minister: No one should be sleeping rough during the pandemic

Dear Homelessness Minister, Luke Hall MP

Around 18 months ago I was living on the street. I know how unsafe it can be. But I also know how with a bit of stability and support, you can turn your life around.  

Help Rhys get 25,000 signatures.


9,910 of 25,000 have signed the letter. Will you help us get 15,090 more?


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