Coronavirus: ensuring a safe home during the crisis

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We need to stand together through this crisis.

Through our helpline, we’re hearing from many people who are worried about being evicted or being made homeless, and how they’ll stay safe.

The government has now lifted its eviction ban. Many people are losing their jobs and unable to pay their rent. With gaps in the safety net and no support for renters who have built up rent arrears, people across the country are at risk of losing their home over the coming months. More needs to be done. 

To avoid needless evictions and rising homelessness as a result of the pandemic – and to keep homeless people safe we need the government to:

  • Provide financial support to renters, to help pay off arrears built up due to COVID-19 and allow them to stay in their homes

•    Give judges real power to ensure no-one is evicted as a result of coronavirus 

  • Lift the benefit cap and review housing benefit rates to prevent growing rent arrears and eviction
  • Ensure anyone with nowhere safe to stay can access emergency accommodation where they can follow public health advice

Now more than ever people need a safe and secure place to call home.

Support our call for action to help those facing urgent housing issues at this time.