Coronavirus: ensuring a safe home during the crisis

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We need to stand together through this crisis.

Through our helpline, we’re hearing from people who are worried about how they'll pay the rent, whether they could be made homeless, or if they'll be stuck in unsafe housing. 

The government has paused evictions to protect renters but this is due to end in August. Many are losing their jobs and unable to pay their rent. With the housing element of Universal Credit far too low, people across the country are at risk of huge debts and even losing their home once the evictions ban lifts. More needs to be done. 

This is a national emergency and it’s right that government is treating it like that. But we will keep pressing them to ensure people have safe and secure homes to get through it. To achieve this, we need to:

  • Increase housing benefit to cover the cost of average rents, and lift the benefit cap so people can access this money 
  • Give judges real power to ensure no-one is evicted as a result of coronavirus
  • Ensure anyone with nowhere safe to stay can access emergency accommodation where they can follow public health advice

Now more than ever people need a safe and secure place to call home.

Support our call for action to help those facing urgent housing issues at this time.