Cost of living crisis: stop homelessness now

Take action to help stop homelessness now

Call on your MP to write to the Housing and Welfare Secretaries of State today.

People are struggling to survive. Without government action, people will lose their homes

Almost 2.5 million renters are either behind or constantly struggling to pay their rent, an increase of 45% since April 2022. They need more help than any money-saving hack can offer. 

The cost of living crisis is pushing renters to breaking point, and the government is sitting back while rents spiral out of control.  Last year, nearly 200,000 renters were hit with an eye-watering rise of more than £300 a month.  

We need your help to make the government take urgent action and help people at risk of homelessness right now. Call on your MP to ask Mel Stride, the new Work and Pensions Secretary and Michael Gove, the new Housing Secretary to work together and take these emergency steps: 

  • stop homelessness now - make housing benefit adequate to protect vulnerable renters 
  • cap social rent increases at 3% 
  • build more social homes to end the housing emergency in years to come 

People are struggling to survive a crisis we didn’t create. Please, join the campaign to protect people from homelessness during the cost of living crisis and email your MP today. 

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