A date to fix renting: Send the Prime Minister a postcard

Countdown to the Prime Minister's summer holidays

Greetings from our sunny holiday villa mouldy, unsafe home. 

Enough is enough. The Prime Minister has promised – three times - to fix renting by bringing in the Renters’ Reform Bill. 

This bill will introduce a new law to scrap ‘no-fault' Section 21 evictions and make renting fairer. 

Now is the time for the government to act on their promise.

Before the summer break, the Prime Minister must tell us when the Renters’ Reform Bill will become law.    

Ask him to put a date in renters’ diaries. Add a message to his postcard and we'll deliver it.  

We’ll hand it in to Number 10 before he puts on his out-of-office for the summer holidays on July 21st. 

Your messages for the Prime Minister

  • Just get it done! Hywel M 30.06.2022 20:50
  • Millions of us need the assurances from this bill ASAP. Kind regards. Matt R 30.06.2022 16:29
  • Please fix a date when the Renters' Reform Bill becomes law. Anthony B 30.06.2022 15:44
  • Kate C 29.06.2022 19:43
  • No more waiting for those suffering, please! Julia J 27.06.2022 18:29