Demand fair renting for Bristol

Use your voice and sign our manifesto for urgent change

Bristol’s unfair private renting system is driving poverty and homelessness and breaking up our communities.

Bristol renters can’t keep up with this city’s expensive and rising rents. A lot of us are living in poor and unsafe conditions, and we aren’t able to challenge landlords or letting agents who fail to make repairs, because we are at risk of rent increases and eviction. And many of us are locked out of private renting altogether, due to the discrimination we face based on our age, sex, race, disability, type of employment or type of income. But it does not need to be like this. 

To make our local renting system fair, affordable, accessible and safe, we demand that our city’s political leaders:

  • Tackle high and out of control rents and lobby national government for more local powers to make sure that landlords charge fair rents for a good service.
  • Tackle poor conditions more proactively to ensure that the homes people are renting are decent and safe, and lobby national government to permanently protect renters from retaliatory evictions. 
  • Tackle discrimination in private renting and create a local action plan to stamp out ‘No DSS’ practices.

Will you join us to demand urgent change?
With private renting often overlooked, thousands of Bristol renters are struggling to keep their homes. Our political leaders must do more to protect them. Sign our manifesto and demand a fair renting system for Bristol.

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