Developers must build more social housing

Right now, the government are ripping up the rules for profiteering developers: Let’s make sure they build many more social homes 

The eight biggest housebuilders in this country made over £7.7 billion in profit in 2021 and 2022.  Over the same period, all developers only built 5,718 social homes. There's a housing emergency; we can't keep prioritising profit over people.

We’ve lost count of the times we get contacted about developments which were supposed to have 50 or 60 social homes that end up having 5 because it wasn’t ‘viable’. It has probably happened near you too.  

Developers need to build more social homes. And right now, we have an opportunity to make that happen. The government are ripping up the rule book about how developers are made to build social and affordable housing. We want to make these rules as strong as possible, so the homes this country needs are built - not just the ones that make developers the biggest profits. 

There's a consultation out until June 9th - we need to show the government the number of people who feel developers need to build more social homes. Do you feel that we need more social housing? Do you feel like you see lots of new luxury homes being build but hardly any social housing that we desperately need? 

If so, add your name and tell us about your experiences of developers not building the social homes your community needs.