Email Your MP: Level Up with Social Housing

Tell your MP to include the scrapping of ‘hope value’ in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and make sure developers build more social homes through the new ‘Infrastructure Levy.

Your MP is really important. Right now, they’re sitting on a committee looking at the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.

This bill could make changes to dramatically increase the number of genuinely affordable social homes this country is building. It could: 

  • scrap a bizarre old rule called hope value which would reduce the price of land so councils could build more social housing.  
  • make developers contribute more to social housing than they currently have to by reforming our planning system.  

With 1.2 million households on the waiting list and social homes being sold or demolished much faster than they’re being built, we need to bring down as many barriers – like hope value - as possible to make social house building easier.  

And we also need developers to build their fair share. That’s why we’re calling on the government to make sure that any changes to the way developers contribute to building social homes must result in more being built, not fewer. 

These changes could be an integral part of the upcoming Levelling Up Bill. But we need your help to make sure they’re included

Your MP is one of 17 who can push for the inclusion of the scrapping of hope value and can make sure developers build more social homes as part of the bill.  

While thousands of people have already signed our petition to scrap hope value, we need your help now because your MP is on this committee.  

Take two minutes to write to your MP to tell them to say goodbye to hope value and hello to building social housing 👋. 

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