Email your MP: You can’t level up without housing

Email Your MP: Level Up by building social housing

There is a housing emergency across the country. As the government looks to level up, we're calling on key MPs to support investment in social housing - and you can too by filling out this simple form. 
We know housing is of poor quality, it’s too expensive to heat and increasingly unaffordable. Home ownership is a distant dream for many, and private rents continue to skyrocket. The housing emergency is taking its toll on people’s physical and mental health.  
From struggling coastal communities and unequal cities to neglected towns and villages, finding a good quality, energy-efficient home at a fair price is out of reach for so many people – yet everyone needs a safe, stable and secure home to thrive.  

We can’t level up the country without levelling up housing. And that means building green, cheap to heat, quality homes people on low incomes can afford now and in the future. It means building social housing.  

Your Members of Parliament have a big say in what is prioritised through the Levelling Up agenda. 

Please write to your MP today and tell them why housing should be part of the Levelling Up agenda. 

  • Johnny S 30.07.2022 10:30