In 2021, having no choice but to live in an overcrowded, unsafe home is unacceptable. Demand an end to the housing emergency: add your name.

Homes riddled with damp or toxic mould. Families crammed into a single room. The stress and insecurity; rent hikes, eviction, street homelessness, overcrowding. This is the housing emergency. In 2021 it’s an outrage that anyone lives in cramped and unfit homes, yet thousands of people do.

In Britain, 1 in 3 of us are denied the right to a safe home. Up and down the country the broken housing system is hitting our communities hard. The impact of unsafe and unstable housing on our physical and mental wellbeing are severe. 

We need to act now to end the struggle caused by unaffordable, unfit, overcrowded housing. We can defend the right to a safe home, but it’ll take all of us working together. Will you join us?

This is a housing emergency. We urgently need safe homes. If you agree, add your name to join the movement. 

  • Teresa J 19.03.2022 15:30