ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting

We are done with renting. The predatory practices. The cutting corners. The bad landlords.

The pandemic has made the situation worse than ever. Private renters have never felt more stretched, insecure, or scared for our future. We look at the state of renting and we say: enough is enough.

It doesn't have to be like this.

The government has promised a new law which could change renting for good. The introduction of the Renters' Reform Bill is a once-in-a-generation chance for us to win the security and rights we deserve.

We must call on the government to make sure that this new law:

  • Scraps unfair Section 21 evictions - a clause in most renters' contracts which means they can be evicted without any reason and with just two months' notice
  • Creates a National Landlord Register - so renters know who their landlord is and where to get help when things go wrong
  • Gives Local Authorities more power to uphold renters' rights

Change will only happen if we all hold the government to account.

Enough is enough. The government must give our country's 11 million private renters the security and rights we all deserve.

  • Joelle C 20.01.2022 23:02
  • Kate S 20.01.2022 21:23
  • Casline W 20.01.2022 20:48
  • Amber F 20.01.2022 17:29
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