The government must progress the Renters Reform Bill NOW

172 families a day are served a Section 21 'no-fault' eviction notice. That means 5,223 families a month face homelessness and uncertainty.  This is damaging people’s mental health and disrupting education. 

These families are being let down by the government because it has not progressed the Renters Reform Bill. 

The bill must be the beginning of a fairer, more secure system; where our homes don’t make us sick, and we no longer worry about being unfairly evicted or discriminated against. 

If it’s done right, it will:   

  • end unfair evictions
  • create a national landlord register through the new property portal
  • make income and discrimination against renters with kids illegal 

But the more the government delays the Renters Reform Bill, the families will be torn out of their communities and forced to face avoidable, unfair evictions, 

Renters deserve better - join us in saying: enough is enough 

Together, we must stand up as one and show the government that urgent change is now.  

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