Demand a better bill for renters

It’s crunch time. The government promised that their Renters Reform Bill would create a fairer, safer system for renters. But after months of parliamentary debate, it’s disappointing and full of loopholes for rogue landlords to squeeze through. This is not the bill we were promised. But we know this bill can be strengthened for the better.

Every day, 172 private renting families in England are handed a Section 21 no-fault eviction notice by their landlord – that is one every eight minutes.

The constant threat of being evicted for no reason is making renters stressed, sick, and scared for their future. And on top of this, families and people on low-income face prejudice and discrimination at every turn. Coupled with an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the private rented sector has become almost uninhabitable.

And we won’t settle for anything less than new laws that have a real, tangible impact on people’s lives. An effective bill will:    

  • end all unfair evictions 
  • outlaw discrimination against renters with kids or claiming benefits
  • create a robust national landlord register through the new property portal
  • protect renters’ rights to homelessness support when they’re served with an eviction notice

We’re calling on the government to truly listen to private renters - and to use this last chance to make the Renters Reform Bill as strong as it always should’ve been. Sign today and say: enough is enough. Together, we can change the bill for the better.  

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