Help us protect social housing: Add your name

A new government proposal could slash the supply of genuinely affordable social homes. Help us stop this disastrous new policy. 

Instead of building genuinely affordable social housing, the government want to build expensive 'First Homes' for those who would likely be able to buy on the private market anyway.

These expensive new ‘First Homes’ would be unaffordable to someone on an average salary in 96% of the country. This is not an acceptable solution for the 1.1m households on the social housing waiting list.
But worse than building unaffordable housing, this policy actively threatens social housing supply - housing which could actually provide the secure homes that millions of people need. Homes for homeless families living in cramped temporary accommodation and for those struggling with the sky-high costs of private renting.

We must act now

The government is consulting on this disastrous policy right now and we need your help to protect social housing.
Our response: The government must stop the building of unaffordable First Homes becoming an attack on what little social housing is being delivered. The only way to tackle the housing emergency long term is to build more social housing – not less. 
We only have until 3 April to convince the government of the damage this policy could unleash.   
Add your name today to stop this disastrous policy and support our response to the First Homes consultation.