Help us tell Michael Gove to fix renting

A group of renters have written a letter to the Housing Minister, calling on him to make sure that the newly-introduced Renters’ Reform Bill delivers real, lasting change for private renters – you can help them by signing it! Read it below: 

Dear Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove MP, 

We are writing to you as a group of private renters. 

Some of us are parents, others live alone or in shared houses. None of us live in the same part of the country but we have one thing in common: we have all experienced terrible renting. 

We’ve been served Section 21 eviction notices, lived in homes where landlords ignore us when we complain about damp and mould, and been discriminated against, even treated as a burden, when trying to find somewhere new to rent. The insecurity is affecting our mental and physical health, and having to move is disruptive to our children’s education. 

The Renters’ Reform Bill could change all of this – for us and for the rest of England’s 10 million private renters.

After four long years, we are so pleased to see this long-promised bill finally introduced to Parliament. But now the real work begins.  

This is why we want you to make sure that the bill is as effective and robust as possible by the time it becomes law. Most importantly, this bill must work for all – by resetting the balance of power between tenants and landlords.  

Each of us is desperate for change. We want a more equal renting system where our voices are heard and where we can feel secure in our homes. 

This bill is your only opportunity to fix private renting, please don’t waste it. You must use your power to make sure that the Renters’ Reform Bill delivers the genuine change that private renters across the country so desperately need. 

Yours sincerely, 

Michelle, David, Olly and Nick - Private Renters 

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  • Katie T 12.02.2024 12:25