Housing minister must protect renters during coronavirus

No one should be forced from their home because of coronavirus (COVID-19). But the clock is ticking – and if Housing Minister Robert Jenrick ends his temporary eviction ban, we will see a rising tide of unfair evictions that could lead to more homelessness. 

The coronavirus outbreak has lifted the lid on our expensive, insecure, unfair and discriminatory private renting system. 

Renters are among the hardest hit by the pandemic gripping the country. Some 1.7 million are worried they will lose their jobs and face the prospect of not being able to pay the rent. Under current laws, they could also lose their home.   

The government brought in some protections for renters, but Universal Credit won't cover most people's rent and the current pause on evictions ends on 20 September. 

Right now, tenants are falling into debt because of coronavirus – and if the government doesn't act now, these renters could be evicted once the ban ends.   

Together, we can make sure this doesn’t happen. Call on Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick to step in and protect renters before they lose their homes.