Join the campaign for social housing

Build social housing, end the housing emergency.

Social housing gives us a solid foundation - and the chance to build happy, healthy lives. Those of us who were made in social housing have had long term security and genuine affordability. Things we desperately need now.

In England, 300,000 people are currently homeless - and rough sleeping has more than doubled since 2010. Without enough social homes, people are stuck homeless in temporary accommodation or struggling to pay extortionate rents in the private rented sector. And yet, we're still losing more social homes every year than we're building. It's never been more urgent to fight for more and better social homes.

We used to be a country who built social housing – and we need you to stand with us to convince our elected representatives that we can be again.

Add your name to the campaign to build more social housing: so a new generation can be proud to say “We are Made in Social Housing”.

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