Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing

Let's boost our recovery by building social homes

During this pandemic our homes have become a focal point in our lives like never before  for work, for education, for our health. But, for too many their homes have not been a safe haven. They’ve been stuck in insecure, poor quality flats for months.  
Areas with overcrowded homes have seen higher infection rates, and the government had to increase benefits and put in place a temporary ban on evictions because people's housing situations are so precarious.  

The pandemic has shown the need for more, better quality, affordable homes – yet shocking new analysis predicts the pandemic will see 84,000 fewer homes delivered this year, with a 30% drop in social housing being built
As a country, we can do better. A more resilient future is possible by putting social housing at the heart of our recovery. We need good quality, secure homes to get back on our feet. 

The time for change is now. Join us and call on the government to build social homes to boost housebuilding, support construction jobs, and begin to deliver the stable, genuinely affordable homes this pandemic has shown us people are urgently waiting for.