Let’s build a better future: Call on the government to build social housing

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Social housing is at risk. In the last year we lost 17,000 more homes than were built. At this rate social homes could become extinct.  

Let’s build a better future.

The pandemic has made it impossible to ignore the importance of a stable home. But the housing emergency is denying too many people this vital foundation.  

Over 1 million households are on the  waiting list for a social home, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more are struggling in poor quality and insecure housing. 

A better future is possible, but to build it we need a new generation of social homes. 

Will you campaign to save social housing?  

We want to make sure that the government protects, increases and improves social housing  rather than fuelling its decline. We will campaign to fight for the social homes people urgently need – and we want you to join us.  

Sign-up and together let’s build a better future.