PETITION: Prime Minister - Invest in social housing

Let's build social homes: are you in? 

The Prime Minister has promised more social housing will be built as part of his commitment to ‘build build build’. Right now, we need more than promises to get homes built, we need investment, and we need it now.

Social house building is currently the lowest it’s been for 40 years. And yet there are over 1 million households on the waiting list. 

The pandemic has hammered home the urgent need for better housing for the hundreds of thousands of people struggling in overcrowded temporary accommodation, or expensive and insecure private rented homes.  

Right now, the government are deciding how to invest money to help our country rebuild and recover in the wake of coronavirus.  

If it is serious about building back better, now is the time to invest in social housebuilding.  

Will you stand up for social housing? Sign this petition and ask government to invest in social housing today.