Let's End Income Discrimination: Add your name

Everyone needs a home to thrive, regardless of their type of income.   

Hundreds of thousands of renters are being locked out of properties they can afford just because they claim benefits.  

Despite this form of discrimination being ruled unlawful, landlords and letting agents continue to place unfair affordability criteria in front of renters who receive benefits. As people are refused properties, they are being pushed closer and closer to homelessness. 

Finding a home shouldn't be this hard 

The government has recommitted to professionalising letting agents, and promised to make it directly illegal to have blanket bans on renting to people who receive benefits. But these promises are yet to be delivered. With more people than ever in receipt of benefits, it’s time to see action. 

We need national government to: 

  • fulfil its promise to professionalise the lettings industry with a legally enforceable code of practice 
  • ensure that local authorities have the resources they need to crackdown on landlords and letting agents who flout the law 
  • bring forward the Renters’ Reform Bill so income discrimination is outlawed

Will you add your name? Let’s end income discrimination. 

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