No one should have to sleep on the streets

If you agree, add your name and let's fight for the rights of people facing homelessness. 

People are on the streets during the ongoing pandemic. It’s heartbreaking. Too often they are told they have no rights by councils when they approach them for emergency accommodation. 

Homelessness anywhere is not something that’s bound to happen. People are made homeless when they can’t get the support they need. When there’s not enough safe, secure housing, and when renters don’t have adequate rights. 

We’re building a movement of people who believe that everyone should have the right to a safe and permanent place to call home.  Together we can fight  for the rights of people facing homelessness 

No one should be sleeping on the streets in the fifth richest nation in the world. Add your name and fight for the rights of people facing homelessness. 

  • Celia C 03.08.2022 15:44
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  • Mia M 24.06.2022 14:37
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