Homelessness isn’t the result of personal failure – successive governments are to blame. If you agree, join us to demand better.

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In the world’s sixth richest nation, it’s an outrage that anyone is without a home. Successive governments haven’t done enough to fix the flaws in the system and protect people from homelessness. From a lack of social homes, to inadequate support for people who are struggling - more needs to be done. 

Becoming homeless isn’t a person’s fault – the system isn’t on our side. People are made homeless when they can’t get the support they need, when there’s not enough safe, secure housing, and when renters don’t have adequate rights.

We’re building a movement who believe that individuals cannot be held responsible for a housing emergency caused by government inaction. Together, we can demand better for people experiencing homelessness. 

People experiencing homelessness aren’t to blame – many governments over many years have let us down. Add your name if you want to join our movement and demand better.

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