Our Only Choice? Demand better from renting

We’ve all been there before… at the receiving end of a rusty sales pitch where a landlord is trying to make you rent a truly awful flat.

You’re told the boiler doesn’t work, but ‘not to worry, you won’t need the heating in the summer’. That the laundrette below gives it a ‘chic New York vibe’ despite it contaminating your water. Or that you should just ‘ignore the asbestos’ because the house is near some great schools.

Renters are sick of putting up with the drivel. Every day, Shelter hears from people putting up with bad properties and landlords behaving illegally. We just want renters to have good quality homes and not be taken for a ride.

We know that bad renting shouldn’t be the Only Choice and together we can change this. Let's make 2022 the year we finally get the government to fix renting.

We must call on the government to make sure their Renters' Reform Bill:

  • Scraps unfair Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notices – which allow landlords to evict tenants even when they’ve done nothing wrong, with just two months’ notice
  • Creates a National Landlord Register - so renters know who their landlord is and where to get help if things go wrong
  • Gives Local Authorities more power to uphold renters' rights

Enough is enough. Sign the petition, call on the government to give our country's private renters the rights we all deserve.

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