Political Leaders: Ignore the Housing Emergency, lose the election

Sign this letter to all party leaders: Tell them our vote will only be won with a promise to rebuild our broken housing system

Dear Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak, Ed Davey, Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsey, 

We're writing to you today to tell you: you’ll lose the next general election if you continue to ignore the housing emergency.  

England’s housing system has been broken by successive governments. Politicians have ignored the housing emergency, not built enough social homes and now homelessness is at record highs. Thousands of people are stuck in poor-quality, over-priced housing that's taking a devastating toll on our physical and mental health. This is England’s housing emergency and it’s getting worse.

Yet, none of your priorities have included fixing the housing emergency.

We’ve asked people with experience of poor housing and homelessness about what needs to change, and they’ve helped us identify the solutions to rebuild our broken housing system. By building social housing, creating a fairer renting system and by ensuring benefits cover rents, we can build happier and healthier communities across England.

Those who have signed this letter are clear: If you want our votes, you must fix the housing emergency.  

Yours sincerely, 

The electorate

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