The Renters Reform Bill playbook

This is a guide to what the Renters Reform Bill could and should change for renters.

It will unpack what is written in the bill right now. But it will also explain what needs to be added or amended.

The Renters Reform Bill is still being worked on in Parliament. None of these proposed changes will become reality until it is passed. This means we have an unmissable chance to influence what goes in it. This bill must be strengthened so it works to give renters a better system. Skip to the section of change you're most interested in by using the links in the contents. Then click the arrows on each box to read more.  



Ending unfair evictions


Helping renters if they are evicted


Creating a sector without discrimination


Professionalising and creating accountability in the sector


Making private renting more affordable


Changing the laws on anti-social behavior (ASB)