Tell OpenRent to stop 'No DSS' discrimination

You may have heard of OpenRent. They’re one of the UK’s largest online letting agents. 

As a BBC investigation exposed recently, they’re also one of the worst offenders when it comes to housing benefit discrimination. 

OpenRent allows landlords to list their properties as ‘DSS not accepted’. These ‘No DSS’ policies unfairly lock renters out of homes they could otherwise afford, simply because they receive housing benefit. This discrimination can have a devastating impact on people's lives.

In February 2020 we wrote to OpenRent asking them to meet in person to discuss this. We’ve received no response to our letter.  

So we’re asking OpenRent once again to: 

  • Remove from their site the option for landlords exclude tenants who receive housing benefit
  • Inform landlords of their legal duty not to discriminate.  

And we need you to join us.

Help us put an end to OpenRent’s unlawful discrimination against renters receiving housing benefit and make renting fairer for everyone. 

Send an email to OpenRent, telling them to end housing benefit discrimination on their site.

  • Sophia S 26.01.2024 20:29