Tell your MP why you need the Renters Reform Bill: Share your story

The Renters Reform Bill is an unmissable opportunity to fix renting. 

Your MP has the power to help make sure a life-changing bill for renters is passed ASAP. But they need to know that constituents like you are counting on them to stand up for renters.

Many MPs will already have heard from landlords, property investors and estate agents about this bill. We need to make sure they are hearing from you: private renters in their constituency who will be impacted most. 

Sharing your own story directly with your MP is the most important way you can influence them. 

If you’ve ever had a bad experience of renting, if you’ve been served a ‘no fault’ section 21 eviction, if you’ve ever been too scared to complain about disrepair, or discriminated against when trying to privately rent a home; then your MP should know about it.  

The Renters Reform Bill could ensure that your experience never happens again.

  • Chris P 01.12.2023 11:30
  • Sarah G 13.11.2023 14:24
  • Sheila M 10.10.2023 12:35
  • Alastair T 09.10.2023 19:14