Thanks to Jane we've just won a landmark legal victory - say well done!

Thank you Jane - our fight to #EndDSSDiscrimination | Shelter

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Discrimination should never deny our right to a safe home. But right now, it is rife within the housing sector, especially against those who receive housing benefit. Hundreds of thousands of renters are being locked out of properties they could otherwise afford – simply because they receive housing benefit. 

One such person was Jane*. She and her children were made homeless after they were told the house they’d found wasn’t available to them because she received benefits – her parents even offered to pay 6 months rent up front and she was still turned down. Jane contacted Shelter to ask for our help in fighting this injustice. Together, we took the letting agency to court.

York County Court agreed with us that this was illegal and handed down a landmark ruling declaring housing benefit discrimination unlawful, marking a huge breakthrough for our End DSS Discrimination campaign. Success!  

This has been a very difficult time for Jane and her children, but she refused to accept what was clearly wrong. Because of her refusal to back down, we’ve now won the first court case of its kind in the UK. Help us thank her.

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* Our client wanted to remain anonymous so Jane is a pseudonym