Wish you were here? A postcard from the Housing Emergency

Countdown to the Prime Minister's first day

Spiraling rents, soaring bills, dangerous disrepair, benefit discrimination and not enough social homes. This is the job the new Prime Minister will inherit.

If they’re serious about ending the Cost of Living Crisis, they must end the housing emergency that is fuelling it.

The good news? Vital measures to end this emergency have already been made. So the new Prime Minister must deliver them.

A postcard from the Housing Emergency: leave your message

Ask the new Prime Minister to use their first 100 days in the job to take action to end the Housing Emergency.  

We’ll deliver it, along with all your messages, in their first week of office at Number 10.

Your messages for the Prime Minister

  • I am a nurse who has been homeless with my children for almost 2 years. I serve the public. We fled abuse our country wasn't there for us. Michelle P 12.08.2022 20:54
  • We need more houses! An affordable price is £100k for a flat £200k for a house. That’s on averages wages 4.5x income. Fix the system! Matt C 11.08.2022 22:53
  • too many people are living in poor conditions and/or inadequate accommodation! homelessness is too common. it’s time to make a change vicky b 11.08.2022 16:24
  • It’s shameful that young people are homeless and no fault of their own! Shame on you! David D 11.08.2022 14:41
  • I am living in a van I am worried about winter O'Toole S 11.08.2022 14:36